From the hills of the Missouri Ozark’s, Jordan Isakson brings a touch of tradition to modern country music. His rich and powerful vocal performance matched with sharp delivery and twang brings a nostalgic edge to the (record) table.

Jordan has performed throughout Missouri for over a decade and has been featured in Lake Life Magazine (Nov/Dec ’22 Edition) and on the High Standards (Season 1) Podcast. Outside of his home state, the man from the Midwest has performed at the Stock Yards in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, and at writers rounds in Nashville, TN.

Having performed at more than 90 events in 2022, Jordan continues to build a following throughout the Midwest. In 2023, the country singer plans to release his debut record with Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN, featuring songs that bring grit and twang back into the mix for modern country music.

July 16th-20th