July 16th-20th

General Rules

1. TRAFFIC REGULATIONS: Absolutely no parking on roadway. Any person obstructing any fire lane, drive or street with any vehicle will be requested by the police to remove immediately. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the grounds and/or arrest. Parking in front of exhibit buildings, exhibits, grandstand, and midway concesions will not be tolerated. Ample parking space is provided for al vehicles. Special areas have ben designated for livestock exhibitors, campers, employees and officials. 

2. RECREATIONAL AND OTHER VEHICLES: No person shall be allowed to bring or use upon the Fairgrounds, any motor scooter, motorbike, motorcycle, coaster sled, skateboard, roller skates, rollerblades, bike, ATV, golf cart or diminutive vehicle upon the Fairgrounds during the period of the Fair without the approval of the Fair Board. Such policy does not include wheelchairs or other medically necessary devices or vehicles to be used by Fair Board directors in their duties.

3. TRAILERS: Livestock trailers must be parked in designated area. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense. After unloading livestock, check with superintendents for instructions on parking trailers. Parking is prohibited in the livestock area between 2 pm and 9 pm Monday through Saturday. (Only exception is for loading and unloading livestock.) Vehicles in violation will be towed away at owner’s expense.

4. GROUNDS REGULATIONS: No outside coolers, cans, or bottles will be allowed on the fairgrounds except as may be used by campers in the campgrounds. Coolers, cans and bottles will be confiscated at the gate. Proper clothing must be worn on Fairgrounds. Patrons must wear shoes and shirt, or risk expulsion from the grounds.

5. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Alcoholic beverages, except as may be used by campers in the campgrounds, will be permitted only in the beer barn and grandstand areas and must be purchased from vendors on the fairgrounds.

6. PETS: Absolutely no pets, including any type of animal, shall be allowed on the fairgrounds during the period of the fair without the approval of the Fair Board. Animals for the handicapped are excluded. This includes the campground.

7. SOLICITATIONS: Solicitation of any type, including the distribution of trinkets, flyers, pamphlets, baubles, or other merchandise or material shall not be allowed without having been requested or invited to do so and approved by formal action of the Northeast Missouri Fair Board.

8. VAGRANCY: Vagrancy is not allowed on the grounds.

9. OVERNIGHT: Persons staying on the grounds overnight must present a ticket or entry pass when asked to do so by the Fair Board.

10. SMOKING: NO SMOKING in livestock barn by order of the City Fire Marshall.

11. CLAIMS FOR INJURY: No claims for injury to any person or property shall ever be asserted, nor suit instituted or maintained against the NEMO Fair, or its officers or their agents, representatives, volunteers, or employees. If any damage, loss, or injury to person or property shall be caused by reason of any neglect or willful acts of any persons, firm, or corporation or their agents, representatives, volunteers, or employees having license or privilege to exhibit on said fairgrounds, or occupying a space thereon the NEMO Fair shall, in no manner, be responsible therefore, and in case it be subject to any expenses or liability all persons causing same or liable therefore, shall indemnify the said NEMO Fair. 
Under no circumstances will the NEMO FAIR be responsible for death, theft, damage, or injury to any persons, animal, article or vehicle.

12. RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: The NEMO Fair Association Board of Directors reserves the right to do the following:
A. Reject any entry.
B. Continue, discontinue, or cancel the Fair due to bad weather, unfavorable, or unavoidable conditions.
B. Suspend, amend or add general rules/regulations without notice.